Every Business Needs A Brand Guide

brand guide

Whether you own a roofing company, med spa, or sell a product, every business needs a brand guide. A brand speaks through visual language, writes in a consistent voice, takes on a perspective, and evokes a specific feeling, a brand guide ties it all together, therefore every business needs a brand guide.

What Is A Brand Guide?

 A brand guide is a document that details a company’s visual identity, along with rules and guidelines for any client-facing communication. Brand guides set forth rules for how you can use the logo, font type, color, typography, and the brand’s positioning statement. They might also include mission and values.

  Example of a Brand Guide:

brand guide 

The Timing of a Brand Guide

 A brand guide can only be created once all other elements of a brand have been satisfied, which include:

  1. Defined color palette
  2. Hierarchy of typography
  3. Imagery style
  4. Consistent icon family (if applicable)
  5. Logo in color, black, and white
  6. Positioning Statement

The Importance of a Brand Guide

Whether your business is large or small, a brand guide is critical to helping your brand to work effectively. Without the guidelines it provides, your brand’s message can change at any point by using the logo improperly or because you introduce a new color.

Here are just a few of the reasons you need a brand guide:

  1. Brand consistency
  2. Sets standards
  3. Provides a tool
  4. Avoids confusion

Whether you are creating a brand from scratch, pivoting your existing brand, or just developing your brand strategy and its strategies further, every business needs a brand guide to ensure that the brand’s message stays consistent. We’d love to help. It’s never too late to develop brand identity guidelines. In fact, recognizing you need them means it’s the perfect time to have them created.

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